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April Update and May Events

The Easter Hunt raised a HUGE £261 for Francis House! Thanks to all who took part!! Winners have been all been drawn and prizes contacted. picture

Children playing with easter egss

We had a massive response to our litter pick event on the 10th of April, we would love to thank everyone who attended, we were able to collect 62 bags of rubbish, a tent, tennis racket, hockey stick, sleeping bags, bolt clippers and sink plinth along thanks to over 50 amazing volunteers who braved the sleet snow to help tidy our amazing park.

April Litter pick results

Regardless of if you are an new member who’s recently taken part in the litter pick or Easter Hunt or if you have been a member for a while THANK YOU for supporting our amazing wild park!!

Dates for your Diary:

Saturday 1st May 10-12.30 Wild Flower preparation and sowing. Flower beds at Fog Lane Entrance 10-11.30 preparation and digging over the beds (hard work and quite physical) 11.30-12.30 sowing the wild flower seed (joyous and suitable for all!)

Saturday 8th May 10-12 Litter Pick and Park Tidy meet at the friends room at the Pavilion

Friends activity in the park

This week: You may remember back in 2019 a member of our community successfully completed a bid to get 420 trees planted in our park, these were planted in our meadow by over 50 members of our park community on 30th November 2019. Sadly due to a mis communication these trees along with the meadow were mown by a contractor last summer during lockdown. Yesterday 500 native trees were planted to replace those that were lost. These trees were provided by Gone West who specialise in enabling environmentally aware companies to offset their carbon through tree planting and were planted by Princes’ Trust young people, who had never done this before and who were teaching others how to do it by the end of the day. Whilst they grow the trees are being protected by biodegradable casings and once they are grown they will provide food shelter and habitat for wildlife.

If you’d like to help add to our parks biodiversity please come along tomorrow for our wild flower preparation and planting session.

This Month: This month we were able to hold the first litter pick in the park since last summer – despite the extraordinary snow (which persisted far longer than had been forecast!) more than 60 people of all ages came along and successfully cleared over 60 bags of rubbish! There’s still more to do, if your like to get involved our next litter pick and park tidy will be Saturday 8th May 10-12.

This Year: After Many years of hard work we are delighted that the facilities at the pavilion have finally be opened to the public 7 days a week. Since opening Fog Lane Park Tearoom has been getting great reviews on its range of hot drinks and cakes alongside its hot food, afternoon tea boxes and vegan and hot food options. Well worth a visit next time you are in the park!

Since the start of lockdown last year the friends Group has had to really consider how it could still look after our park and our amazing park community. One thing is sure over the last 12 months our amazing wild park has seen a huge increase in the number of visitors. Long may this continue!

We have provided a number of socially distanced activities that have been run by the friends within the park- We’ve provided Lockdown Pirates, Naughty Elf Hunts, Christmas Lights, more recently our litter pick and Easter Holiday hunt that raised over £260 for Francis House Hospice. In addition to these some wonderful members of our local community have run the Fairy Doors, the Stone Snake and Christmas Cluedo.

Art in the Park – we have a brand new piece of community art in the park , the stone rainbow was thought up, designs and donated by Gill a local resident who over lock down started a painted stone snake in the park – inviting all visitors to decorate an stone and simply add it to the line of decorated stones. Well 100s of people took part and the snake grew and grew and grew. To memorialise the amazing community spirit and participation, Gill too these stones home, protected them and had them made up into the Rainbow you can see on the play area railings. The Friends were delighted to be able to help Gill make sure these stones will be there for many more visitors to enjoy!! WE are also hoping to be able to add to the art in our park over the coming years!

Hope to see you soon in our amazing wild park, 

Best wishes always,


Chair of Friends of Fog Lane Park

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