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Café Tender

Volunteers outside park cafe
Volunteers outside park cafe

We are pleased to announce that the Tender for the Fog Lane Park Café is now open if you are interested you can apply on the Chest for the information pack and further details.

The Friends of Fog Lane Park will do as much as we can to support this process and have extensively fed into the process so that the community have been represented. We have used the survey we conducted in 2019 that had 118 responses to do this.

Letter From Local Councillor

We have had the following response from Kelly Simcock about the process:

Dear Alice,

Further to our recent discussion, I have been in touch with officers of the council to clarify exactly what the council can do to support parties interested in the opportunity to run the building at Fog Lane Park.

When parties click on the link for the chest, they are given the opportunity to register their interest with Kevin Bennett. This then provides them with access to a range of documents that are open to all parties that register.

In addition, officers would be willing to convene a site visit with anyone interested in attending the site itself and would be happy to do so with a member of the Friends of Fog Lane group, a Councillor and the park manager. This would naturally, need to adhere to the current rules regarding COVID 19 restrictions and depend on availability and willingness of those parties to do so.

It is my hope, and that of my colleagues, that we manage to attract a provider for the cafe within the timescales laid out in the tender. If there is anything that can be done to better equip interested parties to make their application, we are keen to support. Naturally, this approach can be applied to all interested applicants. 

I trust that this information is helpful as I know you’ve had some enquiries! I, like you, really hope that we generate some strong applications through this process so that the centre can be opened to the community once again in the new year. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can help further. 
Very best wishes 

Kelly Simcock Labour Member for Didsbury East


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