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The Friends of Fog Lane group are primarily made up of local residents, we are passionate about the park and the park community.

We are keen to grow and improve the facilities and features in the park alongside improving the natural environment.

We are a small and passionate group who set out to achieve activities and improve the park for all its users, some of us joke that our key indicator of success would be us sitting round drinking prosecco and watching open air films in the park.

You can become a member of the Friends group and sign up to the newsletter in the footer of this site.

How to Get Involved

The stuff we do.

We do a number of events every year, you can volunteer for one or as many as you like. We try to run mostly family orientated fun days but have some plans and thoughts about doing some larger annual events too.

Every Wednesday morning our lovely Pam and Angela are normally in the park doing planting come along a lend a hand, we also have an electric lawnmower to tidy up edges etc.

Suggest and run an event with us. We have helped and ran litter picks, gardening days, tree planting, and family events.

We have good contacts and are more than happy to either provide facilities, promote, and find volunteers. If you have an idea get in contact.

If you want to run your own event in the park you can find all the Manchester City Council Paperwork at the bottom of the Events Page on this site.

We try to meet every 2 to 3 months always locally to the park, where we plan activities, liaise with Manchester City Council and discuss issues raised by park users. We are always looking for new members of the Friends of Fog Lane Park Group and committee and encourage anyone to join the Friends group and get involved. Joining the Friends group is really easy and can be done from the footer of any page of this website. You will then be informed by email of the date of the next meeting. This will depend on Covid restrictions at present.

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Volunteer Day from Tree planting