Trick or Treat

Halloween 2020

Hello lovely people, so Halloween has descended on our wonderful park and there are electronic and analogue activities to be found around the park. Halloween

Arial shot of cafe

Café Tender

We are pleased to announce that the Tender for the Fog Lane Park Café is now open if you are interested you can apply on

Volunteer Day from Tree planting

Public Letter About our Meadow

A public letter sent to the local council members, MP and our Parks Team Dear Parks Team, Councillors and MP, We are saddened to be


Volunteering in the Park

Over the past couple of years, we have had a huge amount of support in our lovely Fog Lane Park, that help comes in many

writing on a page

Blog Writing for Fog Lane

Andrew Simpson has done a lovely blog entry on his Chorlton History about the history of Fog Lane’s bandstand and the area around it, you

oak branch

Tree Planting

On the 30th November Fog Lane Park Friends with the help of many volunteers (40) and a grant secured by Georgina Maguire from the Woodland


Work on The Pavilion

We are so pleased that so many people came together to work on the Fog Lane Park Pavilion, without all of your hard work the

Pavillion Cafe Zoe and Lindsey

Grand Opening

Good morning and WELCOME to our new members!Apologies for the silence on here, but since the meeting on 30th of January we have been working