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Tree Planting

On the 30th November Fog Lane Park Friends with the help of many volunteers (40) and a grant secured by Georgina Maguire from the Woodland Trust, we planted just over 400 trees around the park.

Whole families, dog walkers and park regulars turned up and we are so thankful for this help to plant the trees, we also had help and guidance from our Colin Evans from the parks dept at MCC.

The event was a huge success and we look forward to our park users enjoying the trees as they grow. I am sure children will be able one day to tell their children ‘I planted that tree in 2019’.

Planting trees helps fight climate change and the Woodland Trust are help communities like ours do are bit. The UK has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050 and one of the ways to achieve this is to plant more trees. Trees are the ultimate carbon capture and storage machine. Read more about the work the Woodland Trust are doing here.

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